Love Balls

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Join these two balls in love using your brain and a pencil


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Love Balls is a puzzle game that challenges you to help these two balls in love finally join one another. To complete your mission, use nothing more than your creativity and a pencil to sketch on screen.

Gameplay in Love Balls is very simple. Each game features two balls in love that are separated by some sort of obstacle. To join them, you have to draw a line on the screen that, when it falls, moves one of the balls in the direction of the other. At first, it's as simple as drawing a curved line that rolls over one of the balls. But, little by little the difficulty level increases considerably.

Keep in mind that the more lines you draw on the screen, the fewer points you earn. So, your goal is to join these two balls with the least number of lines possible. Triangles and curves are definitely your best allies when it comes to getting these two charming balls back together.

Love Balls is a super fun puzzle game. It includes simple and beautiful graphics and has a colossal amount of levels. The difficulty level increases little by little, which means more challenges for you.
By Erika Okumura
Love Balls, the hit iOS game is now available on Android

The success or failure of certain games often escapes all logic or reasonable explanations. It's obvious when popular games come to mobile devices, like PUBG or Fortnite, that they're going to be a success 99.9% of the time. But sometimes, we come across games like Love Balls that reach the top of the most-downloaded games lists without making a sound. In fact, it took the all-mighty new Harry Potter title in order to knock it out of the number 1 spot on iOS. This shining résumé has had us excited to finally get our hands on it and figure out just why it's so popular.
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